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Pattern is in an unreadable font / language

The pattern files are tried and tested and they are all in English.

Occasionally there is a problem at the user end. This can take one of two forms:

1. The pattern looks OK on the screen but print out is garbled

Example picture:
print out is garbled

If the instructions are readable on the screen but the print out is garbled it means your printer software is not compatible with Adobe Reader X. Using a different PDF reader such as the Foxit Reader should enable you to print the patterns correctly. This is available free from the Foxit website.

If this does not solve the problem please let us know.

2. The pattern looks garbled on the screen

Example picture:
source code

It usually means that the pattern is being opened by the wrong software so that you are viewing the source code instead of the instructions.

Do you have a PDF Reader installed on your computer?

If the answer to the above questions is "No" then you can download a free PDF reader from the Foxit website.

If the answer to the above questions is "Yes" then proceed as follows:

Go to the order detail page of your Form-A-Lines account.

Click on the "Download now" link.

This will open a pop-up box with two choices: "Save" and "Open".

Choose "Save".

Make a note of where you are saving the file.

Once the file is saved open your PDF Reader program.

Open the pattern file from within the PDF reader by selecting "Open" from the "File" menu and finding the pattern file on your computer.

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