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Opening and saving a pattern on a MS Windows PC

Opening a pattern.

1. Click the Download button.


2. A message should appear with Open and Save options. Select Open.

3. The pattern should open automatically in your PDF reader.


4. Save and Print the pattern from the File menu of your PDF reader.


The illustration is from Windows 7. On other operating systems the screen images may vary but the operations are the same.

If the pattern does not open automatically

If the pattern does not open automatically one of the following may apply:

• Adobe Reader is not installed on your computer.

• Adobe Reader is not configured to open PDF files automatically.

• Adobe Reader is older than version 10 (released in 2011).

These problems can be fixed by re-installing Adobe Reader. It is available free from the Adobe web site:

Download error when using an office computer.

Some companies block downloads for security reasons. Test your system with one of our free patterns.

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